Physical photo interaction and engagement that allows your guests to relive their experiences as soon as they arrive at the photo kiosk and long after your event is over.

Any photographer can take a picture of your guests' sunset evening on the beach of a luxurious hotel, but what happens after the photo is taken? Where are the photos going to go? How will they be distributed? And, more importantly, how long do your guests have to wait to relive their experiences? 

With Specialty Imaging's proprietary photo technology, your guests have the ability to instantaneously interact with our EZ Print Photo Kiosks that allows the user to swipe through collections of event photos or galleries to print their favorite pictures from the event. Save pictures to your "My Favorites" folder so you can access them later on your mobile device or computer through our MySIPhotos App and website. No wondering when the pictures will arrive. No waiting around. It's simple, quick and engaging.