Ben Crosby, founder of Specialty Imaging, has been pushing the technological envelope in photography for over 25 years with one idea in mind; to continuously introduce new products and concepts that will simplify and enhance the connection between individuals and their photos.

Ben created Sports Imaging in 1990 and began working with Sony and Mitsubishi to develop software, cameras and printing processes that introduced unique photographic ideas into the sporting industry. Moving into the digital era, Sports Imaging was involved in the 2002 Winter Olympics and provided new concepts, digital technology and products to sponsors such as NBC, Coca-Cola, Visa and the USOC

Specialty Imaging was created in 2002 and developed a revolutionary process called “engagement technology” to meet and exceed the demands of corporate event photography. Partnering with premier companies around the globe, Specialty Imaging came to the realization there was no single use solution to fit our corporate clients' needs. In 2007, Specialty Imaging created a photo management software that provided a multi-platform solution that changed the industry. We are committed to continually innovating in order to make our clients' events the best they can be.


Our Commitment to You

We're Dependable.

We follow through without fail, surpass expectations and make a lasting impression with every interaction. We simply make our clients' lives easier. That's why they consider us an extension of their team.

We're Resourceful.

Whether it's photography or technology, we see the possibilities and anticipate the opportunities. We're driven to improve and find creative new ways to capture moments and make them last forever.

We're Caring.

Our clients are like family, and their guests become friends fast. We care enough to understand their needs, communicate constantly and create joyful experiences and meaningful relationships that last. 

We're Attentive.

Photography brings people together - with one another, and with their environment. We know when to reach out to create a moment and when to blend in and catch a candid shot. We're a familiar face, always eager to interact with participants, yet never intrusive to their event. 

We're Professional.

We may have a relaxed presence, but we never relax our standards of professionalism. We're well-trained and quality-focused, we're always looking for ways to add value and make our clients' jobs easier.